Backyard Pool Rules

2. Have a minimum of two barriers, i.e., an unclimbable fence, and a mounted cover (that can be walked or crawled on), lock/alarm for door leading to pool.
3. Make sure that all swimmers have constant adult supervision. Keep sun to back when observing pool.
4. Have a cordless phone for pool side use.
5. Learn 1st Aid and CPR. Keep a first aid kit handy.
6. Make sure that all swimmers understand and obey this list of rules: No unsupervised swimming
No running or horseplay
No diving in shallow water
No jumping in backwards, or into too shallow water(steps)
No glass objects around the pool
No electrical appliances around the pool
No gum or candy while swimming
No throwing of objects
No standing on flotation devices
No swimming in bad weather
7. Make sure that neighbors know you have a pool and should make their own fences un-climable to protect their own children.
8. Make sure that the gate is always closed and locked.
9. Make sure that shallow areas are marked for no diving, and that deep areas are roped off. Have depths marked.
10. Keep a fiberglass pole nearby and instruct children to “Reach or Throw, Don’t Go”.


By Barbara Harold. For more information on swimming, call 713-469-2503 or email, or contact me through