About Us

It has been our life’s passion to share our own love and respect of the water with as many as humanly possible.

We have seen the positive effects swimming can have to all, children and adults. It’s never too late to learn and it’s also never too early! Children that keep their aquatic balance while gaining land balance, i.e. walking, are happier, more well-adjusted and get sick less-often.

START Swimming LLC was started by Barbara Harold and son Jason Harold in 2015 at hard to find rental spaces. Coach Barbara and Coach Jason have been teaching and/or coaching in the northwest Houston area for many years. Barbara has over 45 years experience and has been training/certifying instructors for 17 years. Barbara managed many swim schools in this area and she was also the first coach of the Texas Terrapins Swim Team in Fairfield.

Coach Jason started teaching and coaching at an early age with a summer swim team, then Fleet FIRST. He coached the Texas Terrapins Swim Team for 10 years before developing this dream.

                                                                                             The START Swimming mission is to “teach as many as humanly possible to love and respect the water”.

                                                                                             Come start your path to an aquatic life!

                                                                                             If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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