Water Safety Talks & Presentations at Start Swimming | Houston, Cypress, Spring, Tomball

Water Safety Talks & Presentations for Children and Adults of All Ages and Skill Levels at Start Swimming

Our Safety Talks & Presentations are great for schools, daycares, homeschool groups, retirement communities and scouts. Our Water Safety Talks can be done in our facility or in your's, no pool necessary.

water safety classes at start swimming

Longfellow’s WHALE Tales

This dry-land water safety program is intended for children ages 5 through 12. It includes information on the following topics:

  • Be Cool, Follow the Rules
  • Don’t Just Pack It, Wear Your Jacket
  • Swim as a Pair Near a Lifeguard’s Chair o Look Before You Leap
  • Think, So You Don’t Sink
  • Reach or Throw, Don’t Go
  • Think Twice Before Going Near Cold Water or Ice
  • Know About Boating Before You Go Floating
  • Too Much Sun Is No Fun
  • In Your House and In Your Yard, Watch for Water, Be on Guard
  • Wave, Tide or Ride, Follow the Guide

Sun Safety

This 30-minute presentation teaches participants the dangers of too much exposure to direct sunlight. Participants learn how to protect themselves and others when enjoying activities in the sun. Sun Safety is intended for any general audience who enjoys outdoor activities.

Water Safety Presentations

Our Swimming and Water Safety program includes presentations to help teach kids and adults to be safe in, on and around the water. Certificates are not issued for these presentations.

Parent Orientation to Swim Lessons

This 30-minute presentation provides an orientation for parents to American Red Cross swim lessons offered at local aquatic facilities. Parent Orientation to Swim Lessons is intended for parents of young children enrolled in Red Cross swim lessons for the first time.

Rip Current Safety

This 30-minute presentation provides individuals with an awareness of the dangers of rip currents. Participants learn how to recognize rip currents, how to avoid them and what to if caught in one. Rip current safety is intended for families and individuals interested in learning about or who spend time at surf beaches.

General Water Safety

This 30-minute presentation provides individuals with an awareness of the importance of water safety training and key information on being safe in, on and around water. 

Home Pool Safety

This 30-minute presentation provides information for home pool owners and apartment pool users on how to keep their family and guests safe in an aquatic environment.