Monthly Recurring

We price incentively – what’s best for your child will be the least expensive per lesson cost

Monthly Recurring (Credit Card on File) First Child
(Per class cost)
2nd sibling 3rd sibling
One day per week group
(4:1 ratio)
$21.5 10% off 20% off
Two days per week group
(4:1 ratio)
Three days per week group
(4:1 ratio)
One days per week semiprivate
(2:1 ratio)
Two days per
(2:1 ratio)
$35 yearly Family Registration Fee

12 Week Deals:  Sibling Discounts Apply

$210 - 1 time per week group (4:1 ratio)
$410 - 2 times per week group (4:1 ratio)
$420 - 1 time per week semiprivate (2:1 ratio)
$820 - 2 times per week semiprivate (2:1 ratio)

Available August - March

12 Week Deal does not include a drop date If you want to drop at the end of the 12 weeks, please follow the appropriate drop procedures.

Intro Package

Session Type 2 weeks every day
(10 classes)
2 weeks 4 days per week
(8 classes)
Group (4:1 ratio) $180 $145
Semiprivate (2:1 ratio) $360 $290

Angelfish Program: (for those with autism, cerebral palsy etc.)

At START, we understand the expenses you incur on a daily basis and want to give you a break. If your child
needs a private class due to physical or mental limitations, please contact us for special pricing.

Water Aerobics (or Water Exercise)                      12 Visits = $100              pay by class = $10

Offered in early morning, midday and evening You can also pay $10 for an individual class.
Bring friend to get a free class. Sign up a friend get a free class. Punch passes are only used when you are here.

Water Aerobics is offered Thursday and Saturday 8am-9am; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Noon-1pm

Recreational Swim

Offered as much as possible, Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm or 6pm-8:00 pm and every Friday from 6-8pm. Please call if you need other times as we may have the room during the swim lesson times.

$5 per visit
$0 for START Students
$15 max per family

Homeschool P.E. group

Homeschool P.E. focuses on improving health and swim strokes.

Please contact for more information

Stroke and Turn Classes: 
1 time per week = $21.50 per class

2 times per week = $20

Please contact us for information on times and days available.

  • Level 1: Pre-competitive group for swimmers on the team for 1st time (must be able to breathe and back float independently)
  • Level 2: Stroke Learning Competitive group (learning breast and fly)- must know freestyle and backstroke
  • Level 3: Stroke and Turns for those wanting to improve on 3 of 4 known strokes and to learn the 4th plus all starts and turns for each stroke