Monthly Recurring

We price incentively – what’s best for your child will be the least expensive per lesson cost

Monthly Recurring (Credit Card on File) First Child 2nd sibling 3rd sibling
One day per week group
(4:1 ratio)
$8010% off20% off
Two days per week group
(4:1 ratio)
One day per week semiprivate
(2:1 ratio)
Two days per week semiprivate
(2:1 ratio)
Three days per week group
(4:1 ratio)
Three days per week semiprivate
(2:1 ratio)
$35 yearly Family Registration Fee

12 Week Deals:  Sibling Discounts Apply

$210 – 1 time per week group (4:1 ratio)
$410 – 2 times per week group (4:1 ratio)
$420 – 1 time per week semiprivate (2:1 ratio)
$820 – 2 times per week semiprivate (2:1 ratio)

Available August – March

12 Week Deal does not include a drop date If you want to drop at the end of the 12 weeks, please follow the appropriate drop procedures.

Intro Package

Session Type 2 weeks every day
(10 classes)
2 weeks 4 days per week
(8 classes)
Group (4:1 ratio) $180$145
Semiprivate (2:1 ratio) $360 $290

Angelfish Program: (for those with autism, cerebral palsy etc.)

At START, we understand the expenses you incur on a daily basis and want to give you a break. If your child
needs a private class due to physical or mental limitations, please contact us for special pricing.

Water Aerobics (or Water Exercise)                      12 Visits = $100              pay by class = $10

Offered in early morning, midday and evening You can also pay $10 for an individual class.
Bring friend to get a free class. Sign up a friend get a free class. Punch passes are only used when you are here.

Water Aerobics is offered Thursday and Saturday 8am-9am; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Noon-1pm

Recreational Swim

Offered as much as possible, Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm or 6pm-8:00 pm and every Friday from 6-8pm. Please call if you need other times as we may have the room during the swim lesson times.

$5 per visit
$0 for START Students
$15 max per family

Homeschool P.E. group

Homeschool P.E. focuses on improving health and swim strokes. Some dry-land is involved.

Please contact for more information

Stroke and Turn Classes: 
1 time per week = $80 per month Saturday at 12:00

  • Level 1: Pre-competitive group for swimmers on the team for 1st time (must be able to breathe and back float independently)
  • Level 2: Stroke Learning Competitive group (learning breast and fly)- must know freestyle and backstroke
  • Level 3: Stroke and Turns for those wanting to improve on 3 of 4 known strokes and to learn the 4th plus all starts and turns for each stroke